About us

As a manufacturer of hydraulic grabs and slewing gears, we develop and produce highly specialized grabs and load suspension devices for miniexcavators from 800 kg to excavators with a service weight up to 400 t. We have been developing our products at the our location in Ilsede nestled between the cities of Brunswick and Hanover since 1986. Our mission is to produce innovations and create products that work as effectively as possible in conjunction with excavators while delivering perfect results. To accomplish this, our design department continuously develops and refines our grabs. We incorporate the insights resulting from the required applications and experiences into our product development.

Everything from a single source for the best possible excavator. This is our team’s promise to you. Driven by your enthusiasm, we look forward to more exciting collaboration projects with you.

Our Office

Founded: 1986

Approx. 1800 grab units produced annually

Grippers and load handling attachments for mini-excavators from 800kg up to handling excavators up to 400t.

Europe-wide dealer network

40 employees at the Ilsede site

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