Hydraulic slewing gear DW and DWP

DWP and DW slewing gears were designed for use on hydraulic attachments for hydraulic excavators as well as for mobile and stationary handling machines. .

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DWP15 with stop and magnet

The slewing gear is mounted as a complete unit, which allows the wear component to be quickly mounted and dismounted. All three functional units work independently. This makes it possible to replace individual components easily and economically in the case of wear or damage, which can be done by personnel with standard metalworker's knowledge. In addition, the structure of the DWP protects the hydraulic system of the carrier against oil contamination from possible bearing wear or slewing drive wear, unlike compact rotators.

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DWP26 with load hook

In combination with a SW suspension or OQC adapter, these hydraulic rotating load hooks are a safe alternative to suspending and transporting compact goods without needing to use the grab in a way that is not intended. This solution prevents accidents as well as damage to the grab and load.

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